Manuscripts of the Kauno Marios

What follows are texts found underground in Pažaislio Šilas.

Only excerpts, expressed as someone’s personal journal called Mystic.

Fate wanted these experiences, in words steeped in past and myth, to be discovered today, and not yesterday.

Manuscripts of the Kauno Mariu I

Something had happened in the underworld, without warning, but everyone and every one, even the children, understood deep down in their breasts what was the reason.

The Kaunas Beast had been denied – careless love – and it had released its protection from the evils of the underworld in order to heal the anguish that made it sick.

Kaunas, had been left out of any treaty of coexistence, between myths, miseries, and people.

Or perhaps the Princess; Keeper of balance with the world of emotions, she felt overwhelmed, tired and decided to disappear. Heroes are, until apathy and selfishness strike. Miseries.

Perhaps the world of myths is not so different from the world of the living.
Perhaps anguish, discontent, laziness, disappointment, apathy, selfishness and betrayal, deserve their own reality; far from myths and people but; there they are, balancing their miseries, between the reality of people and that of the underworld.

It was terrible, there wasn’t much to save, and few places were safe.
From Brūžė to Kaunas, everything was anguish and uncertainty. No one understood too much why the miseries and the constant plagues and miseries that plagued the margins of Neris and the Niemen.

Few places then, were left to hide. The Forests scattered in the field, were the safest place. Miseries, they couldn’t see through them. Forests are not only safe, they keep the charm about the underworlds. The forests have their own rules, their own souls. They were untouchable.

The countryside, one of the many jewels of Kaunas, is – even – more beautiful and valuable than mountains of emeralds. Everyone knows them, who live from him and in him; who inhabit the underworlds without protection. Everything valuable is in danger.

The society of the beast – or as some call it – “The Custodians of Love” – ​​was preparing its soldiers to give a battle, which nobody knows how sacrificed it will be.

Legions of starkas, show themselves, prepared to guard the miseries and accompany custodians. Only they could see both realities, only they from the heights knew that place was safe, that misery was approaching. Only they negotiate freely and protected, for us against miseries.

You, curious reader, take these words as a precious legacy of love. We can only communicate with fire by learning its language. So, take care of our Princess and never forget.