Privacy Policy

“Kaunas2022” respects your privacy, thus, acting in compliance with this privacy policy, we are committed to protect your personal data. In this document, you will find information about your personal data processed while we carry out our activities.

1. Questionnaire submission forms on our website

Letters sent from the website are not stored in website databases. They are emailed to website’s administrator.

A person completing a contact form or a questionnaire and responding to a newsletter takes full responsibility related to the accuracy of this data. If you find any inaccuracies, please inform us immediately. Your letters and questionnaires will be stored on administrator’s database up to twelve months.

2. Cookie policy

In order for the website to function properly, a small amount of data called cookies, is placed on your computer. This is done by the majority of internet websites. A cookie is a text element recorded on your device when you visit our website

Cookies allow the website to remember information about your browsing on a website for a while and recognise you when you visit the website the next time. They also implement certain website functions and monitor client browsing patterns on the website. All of it allows us to provide you with an opportunity to use the website comfortably and for it to be as comfortable and friendly as possible.

How to manage and delete cookies?

You can manage and delete cookies using your browser settings. You can delete all cookies recorded on your website and use other browser settings, e.g. forbid websites to record cookies on your device. However, we would like to inform you that in this case, you will sometimes have to change certain options manually every time you visit a website, while certain services and functions may not work properly.

Cookie settings on different browsers:

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer


3. Rights and responsibilities of website’s user

a) right to receive information about whether we process your personal data and access to your data;

b) right to approach us with a request to rectify incorrect personal data;

c) right to delete your personal data. This right shall not be valid if data processing is related to freedom of self-expression and information, legal obligations or determination, execution or defense of legal requirements;

d) right to obtain or transfer your personal data to other company or organisation. This right shall be valid, when personal data processing is automated, based on your consent or after signing an agreement;

e) right to restrict processing of personal data in certain circumstances;

f) right to refuse processing of your personal data, when processing of personal data is based on our or third-party legal interests;

g) right to refuse processing of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing;

h) right to revoke your consent to manage your personal data at any time;

i) A person completing the contact form or questionnaire and responding to a newsletter takes full responsibility related to the accuracy of this data.

Please address your queries about personal data retention and processing by email to