We will create a new story for Kaunas. We see the idea of European Capital of Culture as a means to tackle the problem of confusion our City is subjected to.

The past and the present of Kaunas is currently seen as a set of conflicting narratives and perceptions. So we will build a programme around a unifying story, a myth for our City that it has never had before. The myth will employ all the qualities and trivialities of the genre to appeal to the broadest possible audience from children to adults.
We will present the concept of the Mythical Beast – guardian of the City. It appears from ruins of the castle, from the dungeons of wartime fortifications, from fairy tales and anecdotes, from underneath the two rivers and enters our reality with street theatre performances, comic books for children, a steampunk novel, a movie, a TV show, mass celebrations and rumours of all things supernatural. It embodies and therefore justifies all cultural and identity
conflicts and contradictions we used to have and still have.

The Mythical Beast will “wake up” the City. A diverse, professional and contemporary artistic programme will enter the scene after the legend will draw attention of a broad public.


The Mythical Beast of Kaunas and its story is precisely a story about those Kaunasians. The Beast has been and will be the last Kaunasian. What is it like? What’s its story? How and what can be told about Kaunas?

All these things are created by the Mythical Beast platform of the European Capital of Culture.

The Beast is the ruler of the Underworld City. More precisely, he is the ruler of all Kaunas, but he lives in Underworld Kaunas and works in Sunny Kaunas. You’llonly rarely meet the Beast in Sunny Kaunas in daytime, since he likes darkness and despises sunlight.