How the Mythical Beast of Kaunas fights the adversity

Well known, yet unidentified. Heard of countless times, yet voiceless. Flashy and bright, yet grey and dark. Never seen by anyone that could be declared sane, stories about it told only by the elder and lonely. The mythical beast of Kaunas has been luring in the darkness of the sewerage for hundreds, possibly thousands of years.

Every 4th semi moon, 3.5 hours into the night, it opens the heavy lid of it’s home, Kaunas’ old town sewerage. With no human, insect or animal around, it pops up in the middle of Vilniaus gatvė, dark furred head first, pointy nose into the black mantle of night. It has small whiskers for a creature that size, which still equals the height of a 2nd grader.

As soon as it’s paws firmly but smoothly hit the stones of the street, it senses a familar, unpleasant sensation – Adversity…!
Walking towards the strong energy this red brick building, the beast was unsure about what it will face. It used it’s mythical powers to phase through a new, brownish door and held still after rebuilding it’s body in the building.

“YOU WERE ALWAYS LIKE THIS, DON’T PRETEND! YOU SAID YOU’D CHANGE BUT YOU NEVER DID!” a woman screamed at a visbly angry, anxious and sad man. “I MEAN NOTHING TO YOU, NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL!” she kept on yelling. “Enough is enough” he mumbled to himself, getting up from his armchair, preparing himself to raise his voice and possibly his hand towards his wife.
“IF YOU THINK THAT WAY AFTER ALL I HAVE DONE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, THEN MAYBE YOU” he suddenly stopped. His mouth keeps open, he cannot say a word. The beast manifested itself behind his wife, large, magical, mythical. It’s dark fur contrasts his wifes beautiful, shiny blond hair, it’s dark and mystical eyes are the opposite to her shiny, blue ones that look at him in fear and confusion. Now, for the first time in days he actually looked at her, the woman he fell in love with, he married and settled in with. He sees into her eyes and into her sould and recognizes the woman he vowed to spend the rest of his life with. He just looks at her, at her only, entirely forgetting about the beast. She is the most beautiful woman in the world to him. Back 17 years ago when they first met in school and now as well. He sees her for what he hasn’t seen her in years: His companion, his best friend, his love, his desire, his passion and his shore of peace. In that moment he fell in love with her again, just like he did in school. He is stunned by her beauty, amazed by her energy. Lowering his hand, clearing his throat, he just looks at her with a smile, “that look” he hasn’t given her in an eternity. Her fear fades and is replaced by total confusion, she is frozen where she stands. He walks towards her, puts his arm on her cheek and pulls her in for a kiss. “I love, I always did and I always will. I don’t want to fight you, I don’t want to hurt you. Let us be what we used to be to each other, now and forever”. She cannot keep tears running over her cheeks while wearing the biggest smile she’s ever had in her whole life. “That’s all I needed to hear” she whispers, giving into his arms again.

The beast, long gone, was on it’s way back to the next house. It wasn’t the only adversity it sensed that night, but it was the strongest one. It knows there is a lot of work to do and that plenty of problems don’t solve themselves, but they can be dealt with by a change of perspective. And so it is out there, among us, day and night, waiting to be unveiled.

Author: Adylos