The legend of Veliuona

As one legend tells, the Duke Gediminas of Lithuania was killed here.

According to another legend, there stood a cursed manor, where there lived the most beautiful young girl in Veliuona. Once a devout and god-fearing man was walking to church along the path between two mountains. It was in that spot that he saw the beautiful and lovely young girl sitting on a chest. She asked the man to kiss her. She used all possible means, even trying to tempt him with the fortunes from the chest. But the man just spat and said, ‘May the earth swallow you if you try to tempt me again!’ After he spoke, the earth opened. The girl moaned and, before being submerged, only managed to utter these words: ‘You are such a merciless man. You could have saved me and my entire manor. But now I shall have to suffer for another seven hundred years!’

No one has heard anything about the young girl ever since – the curse is yet to expire.