The legend of Seredžius

Palemonas sailed to the Baltic Sea, reached the river Nemunas through the Curonian Bay, and travelled to Dubysa. Here he and his companions stayed in a beautiful oak grove. Meanwhile, his sons – Kunas, Borkas and Spera, founded the towns of Kaunas and Jurbarkas. It is believed that Palemonas himself was buried in Seredžius mound.

According to the legend, once upon a time a group of overseas travellers were paddling along the river Nemunas. When they reached the Dubysa’s mouth, they burst into a joyful song: ‘Čia radom!’ (‘We found it! We found it!’) This was how Seredžius* got its name.

* The travellers’ song bears a phonic resemblance to the place name.