The legend of the giants and Kupiškis Mound

Once upon a time the earth was inhabited by giants. They enjoyed solitude. Rivers and swamps separated their lands. Most giants were hostile, hateful, and despicable towards one another.

The origin of the mounds was often associated with the activities of the giants or their burial barrows. Later, however, such explanations were replaced by stories which told that it was Swedish and French soldiers who erected the hillforts with their bare hands and hats.

Once upon a time, there lived two giants – two large strong men. They lived around Kupiškis and used to meet to tell each other stories and tales. One would perch himself on Kupiškis Mound, the other on Paketuriai Hill; they would dip their feet in the water, light a pipe, and begin to chatter. As the giants always dropped pipe ashes over the same spot, Aukštupėnai Mound emerged .