The legend of Vytautas Hill in Birštonas

The shepherds of the village once saw an unusual fissure near the hill and decided to find out where it led to. They had heard elders talk about an entire army of men who buried themselves in that fissure to guard a sleeping queen. The shepherds chose the tiniest boy from the lot, tied a rope around his waist, and told him to walk deep into the hill. Inside the hill, the little shepherd-boy saw a virgin sitting on the chest and guarding the gold hidden inside. The virgin rewarded the shepherd-boy who, once he was happily out of the hill again, told everyone about what he had witnessed and showed the wealth he had been awarded. The elders were possessed with a desire to get wealthy too – one can stay a shepherd only for so long. One after another they went into the hill, but no one ever returned. It is believed that the virgin killed everyone who entered being led by greed.