The legend of the princess of Gediminas Hill

In the old days, there was a princess in Vilnius who used to climb Gediminas Hill on every market day with a chest of gold in her beautiful hands. She would approach everyone headed to the market, ask them to take some money and donate it to the Saint Virgin Mary. People were afraid and did not want to touch her gold, but there was one man who once took a good handful of coins from her chest. In the market, he drank all the money away.

On the next day of the market, the princess was out again. On his way to the market, the same man spotted the princess and asked her if she could give him more gold to donate to the Saint Virgin Mary. But the princess said:

‘Come and get it yourself!’

The unsuspecting man approached the chest. As soon as the princess opened the chest and the man grabbed the coins, she released the lid and thus beheaded the man. This was the last time the princess appeared on the hill.