The legend of the mounds of Kaunas region

Vieškūnai Mound a.k.a. Šuneliškės Hill

People say that once upon a time, where Vieškūnai Mound stands today, a daughter of a local landlord committed suicide. The mound has been haunted ever since. If you find yourself walking there at night, you may be overwhelmed by the chirping, howling, barking and babble. But most often this place is haunted by dogs and houndlike creatures. They keep emerging from a nearby trench. From this comes the name of the hill – Šuneliškės*.

* Lith. šuo (pl. šunys) – ‘a dog’.

Pakalniškiai Mound near Piliuona

The legend tells that Pakalniškiai Mound was erected by early Lithuanians, and that on top of it stood proudly the wooden castle of Vaišvydas, the famous ruler of the lands of the Nemunas valley, which had protected and defended this area from enemies throughout living memory.

Kapitoniškiai Mound

Locals used to celebrate Midsummer Day and set up bonfires on top of Kapitoniškiai Mound. People say that underneath the oak tree at the top of the mound a treasure is hidden. Many had seen it covered in flames. Many tried to find it. But to this day it remains untouched.


A long while ago, the gorgeous giant Laumė jumped off of Romainiai Hill towards Nemunas and left a stark footprint in the ground. A small lake appeared there and was later named Lampėdis*.

* Lith. Laumės pėda – ‘the foot of Laumė’.