The legend of lake Talkša

In the past, lakes used to stroll around until they found the right place and the right name to settle. A lake once came out of nowhere flying and humming and hung over Šiauliai. People were terrified that it might descend over the town. For several days and nights the residents prayed, sang hymns, walked in long processions – all just to make the lake leave. But the lake took not a single step – instead it hummed and gushed even more threateningly.

Someone had a dream that all it would take would be to guess the name of the lake and it wouldn’t flood the city. And so people guessed all the possible names they could think of but no one managed to get it right and call the lake by its real name. Until an old unfortunate lady, who had been praying the most, almost unwittingly muttered under her breath ‘Telkšok čia!’ (‘Lake lie low!’) As soon as she uttered these words, the lake descended well beyond the city where it has lain ever since.