Tales of the Beast of Kaunas


TALES OF THE BEAST OF KAUNAS has been published and it can be purchased directly at Kaunas2022 office.

From now on you can also buy Lithuanian version “Kauno žvėries pasakų knyga” and English version “Tales of the Beast of Kaunas” online  HERE


TALES OF THE BEAST OF KAUNAS has emerged from underworld city, as a way to tell the “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” program in a way that the child can understand. On the other hand, an adult can also read this fairy tale book. On the other hand, the book can be read by anyone, even those who know nothing about the European Capital of Culture. This is due to the fact that the Capital of Culture will come to an end, and here the Beast, the Princess and other good people will continue to live in Sunny and Underworld Kaunas.

The author of TALES OF THE BEAST OF KAUNAS is Rytis Zemkauskas, but he did not invent everything himself, because there were always legends about dungeons, princesses and various beasts in Kaunas. Rytis was born in Kaunas and has known Mythical Beast of Kaunas since his childhood. The illustrations in the book were created by Darius Petreikis, the winner of the Kaunas Beast appearance competition. Darius was born in Palanga and many Beasts rising from the sea have met him there. Darius has also created new characters in the book, all of whom especially everyone likes Archer and Bowman.

The characters in The Tales of the Beast of Kaunas are already traveling around the world. Here the Princess has already managed to visit the Croatian city of Rijeka with her army:

And the same Princess, together with Bowman, Archer and other subordinates, came to the central headquarters of Kaunas – the European Capital of Culture, Laisvės Alėja 36, ​​where, as we said, it is possible to buy the TALES OF THE BEAST OF KAUNAS in person.

The book was written in Nida and Barcelona, ​​edited in Vilnius and Kaunas, illustrated in Kaunas and the Norwegian fjords, but the English version of the book was born at Oxford University in collaboration with two PhD students: sociolinguist Skaistė Aleksandravičiūtė and literary scholar Andrzej Stuart-Thompson.

Mythical Beast of Kaunas is a true European, literally.

With this book, the stories of Kaunas – the European Capital of Culture come to the library of every Lithuanian and European home, and performances of the major events of Kaunas 2022 will be created based on this book and legends written by Kaunas residents.


And here’s what readers think of the book:

“Really liked it. It would be great if Kaunas really was the way as it is described in the book!”



“You can’t find the kind of Beast that Kaunas has anywhere. It is not embedded in any official emblem, but, so to speak, it is in the heart, brain, liver of the city. It boils the blood of the city, creates dreams and mystical adventures, produces enzymes of memories, breeds imagination. He is the guardian, the master of the city, its life, its memory, its future and its magical power.”



“Now I will know who to blame for the poor catch in the Nemunas”



“This book teaches to not only get to know the city, but also to create, nurture, connect with communities that take responsibility for remembering the past of their beloved city and creating the future.”



“This book must appear in every house in Kaunas”



“A true European is that mythical Kaunas Beast, who madly loves his dungeon, but at the same time invites to travel and get to know others, reach out and open his mind. I am terribly jealous that Kaunas has such a wonderful Beast. Or can we each find it in ourselves?”



“I liked the ghosts very much”



“Contemporary fairy tales, which can be seen as a film, have many images, colors and smells. It is worth reading it both at home as well as in schools and even kindergartens.”