Characters of the Story

The Beast

Or mythical being of Kaunas. Aquatic being living in the underground city of Kaunas. It appears at night or in a heavy rain. He kidnaps the virgin girls. His longing sight cannot be resisted. You can hear it breathing and roaring, the way to it is very difficult to find. The whole truth about the Beast is known to the Society of the Beast. They are dangerous to him, so he is harassing them and killing them. The city had a contract with him. The contract is interrupted. The treaty needs to be renewed and the Beast will be the guardian of the city again. He was the first and will be the last resident of the city.


He is the one who will have to do all the work. He has no false hopes. He knows how it is. He is a disciple of Mystic. This story is his journey to the Beast.


In the sixteenth century, a mysterious personality lived in Kaunas. He was called Mystic. The so-called "Mystic Notebook" remained a strange work that brought a careless reader to death. Those who did not die, became those Who Know. Only those Who Know or their offsprings can fight the Beast. Those Who Know belong to the Society of the Beast.

The ferryman

He rafts to the other side those Who Know. He lives on his own, with one of his dogs in a shelter at the Winter Port.


The octopus creature, the flood and tidal operator. Kekto travels freely between Underground Kaunas and Sunny Kaunas. He is a sign writer and his marks can be found on all the walls of the city. The legend says that Kekto will open the way for the Beast to Sunny Kaunas to conclude a treaty with the city.


Young woman kidnapped by the Beast. She is simple and beautiful. In Greek, her name means "Peace."

Great Traveller

He brings news. He comes when you need him most. Some say he is Mystic's messenger.